The 14 Best Sewing Machine for Kids [2023 Review & Comparison]

best sewing machine for kids

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Finding the best sewing machine for kids can be stressful. The easy way is to choose the least expensive and cutest looking model. However, many products that fall in this category break down within a couple of months. Some breakdown even before the first month runs out. 

If your kid is really interested in sewing, you should get him or her a safe, dependable, and easy to use sewing machine. The best part is you don’t have to break the bank or incur unnecessary expenses while you are at it. 

Some of the excellent quality kids’ sewing machines cost less than $100. How do you identify them? This is why we made this review. We’ve done our research and reviewed the 14 best sewing machine for kids that you’ll get in the market.

Shall we?

What is the Best Sewing Machine for Kids?

RankNameBrief Review
Best OverallBrother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine60 built-in stitches, jam-proof drop-in bobbin, 25-years limited warranty.
Best VersatileBrother XM2701 Lightweight Children’s Sewing Machine27 built-in stitches, weighs 12.6 pounds, comes with LED light.
Best QualityBrother Project Runway CS5055PRW50 built-in stitches, automatic needle threading, 25-years limited warranty.
Best for Ease of UseMagicfly Mini Sewing Machine Double thread design, Dual speed control, comes with a foot pedal.
Best BudgetVarmax Mini Sewing Machine with Extension TableIt comes with a large extension table, double thread stitching, and dual-speed control.
Best for Moderately Thick Fabrics Janome 221212 built-in stitches. It weighs 13 pounds and comes with a free arm.
Best for Lightweight FabricsMICHLEY LSS-505 It comes with 8 built-in stitches and dual speed settings. You can also rewind the thread automatically.
Best for Quick SewingJanome Fastlane Compact Sewing Machine for KidsIt comes with a free arm, 10 built-in stitches, and a finger guard to protect the little finger.
Best value for MoneyJanome Easy-to-Use Kids Sewing MachineIt comes with 15 built-in stitches, LED light, and four presser feet.
Best for BeginnersVarmax Sewing Machine with Sewing Kit, New VersionIt comes with a detailed manual, adapter, and foot controller.
Best for Speed ControlNEX Children Present Sewing Machine12 built-in stitches. Comes with LED light.
Best ElectricDonyer Portable Mini Sewing MachineIt comes with dual switch stitch control and 1 year limited warranty.
Best for PortabilitySew Mighty, The Original Portable Sewing MachineIy weighs 2.79 pounds. It comes with a built-in thread cutter and a cuff notch.
Best for CreativityCool Maker, Sew Cool Sewing MachineIt comes with printed markings, 5 trendy stuffing, and pre-cut projects.

1. Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine

Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i, 60...

Top on our list of best sewing machine for kids is the Brother CS6000i computerized sewing and quilting machine. If what you are looking for is a versatile sewing machine that’s ideal for both children and adults, then you’ve found one. 

It’s been in the market for years, and the standard has not dropped. This machine is suitable for intermediate sewers of all ages. 

Notable Features:

  • 60 built-in stitches, which includes decorative stitches.
  • Jam-proof drop-in bobbin
  • Packed with accessories like a wide table, protective case, needle set, and more.
  • LCD screen display
  • It comes with 25 years limited warranty
  • LED light to illuminate the work area
  • Automatic needle threading
  • 7 auto-size buttonhole styles
  • 9 presser feet
  • Built-in free arm 
  • It weighs 13 pounds
  • Dimension is 16 x 6.7 x 11.4 inches

Apart from those remarkable features, another special thing about the CS6000i sewing machine is it can be used for quilting. That’s not all. With the 20 decorative stitches, you can even try out non-clothing sewing projects. 

Suppose you are worried about the machine’s suitability for complex sewing projects like cuffs and sleeves; no need to be. It comes with a free arm that allows you to do just that.  

You can also control the speed by just pushing the dial, making it the best sewing machine for children that find it challenging to properly control foot control speeds. 


  • You can maintain consistent stitching speed with simple sewing speed control. 
  • Durable and will last you for years without any unnecessary issues.
  • Great reviews from previous users.
  • Setting up is easy and saves time. 
  • It comes loaded with 60 built-in stitches for all your sewing projects.
  • More than a kids’ sewing machine as they can grow into it as they progress. 
  • It has advanced features that allow intermediate sewers to improve their skills.


  • It requires consistent cleaning due to the design. 

The Brother CS6000i sewing requires frequent cleaning. The small nooks and crannies on the design would make it difficult for a child to clean thoroughly. Therefore, an adult would have to oversee that the machine is in an ideal condition.

As said earlier, this is more than just a kids’ sewing machine. It’s one your children can grow into as they learn to sew and progress. With all the perks and features of this machine, it’s no wonder it won the Editor’s Choice award and is very popular among crafters.

2. Brother XM2701 Lightweight Children’s Sewing Machine

Brother Sewing Machine, XM2701, Lightweight Machine...

Our second recommendation for the best sewing machine for kids is Brother Xm2701. Are you looking for an ideal sewing machine for both your kid and teenager? This one fills the gap. It’s perfect for a kid, an older child, as well as adults who want a great beginner machine to do some light sewing. 

This machine comes with many incredible features. Let’s discuss them.

Notable Features

  • It has a 25 year limited warranty.
  • Jam-resistant drop-in bobbin.
  • 27 built-in stitches, which include zigzag, decorative, stretch stitches, and blind hemstitches. 
  • LED light 
  • Instructional videos included
  • 59 stitch functions
  • It comes with “Brother At Your Side support” for all-round technical support.
  • 1-step buttonhole
  • Free arm
  • Automatic buttonholer
  • Automatic needle threader and drop-in bobbin winding system
  • It weighs just 12 pounds.
  • It comes with a foot pedal.
  • Dimension is 12.1 x 5.9 x 15.3 inches

The lightweight and convenient features make it incredible for mature kids, while the variety of stitch options makes it a great pick for advanced sewing projects.

With features like the free arm, led sewing light, 1 step buttonhole, etc. its no doubt that it’s the best entry-level sewing machine for beginners and children of all ages. However, before you make your decision on this machine, let’s go through the pros and cons.


  • Affordable and dependable. 
  • It’s ideal for beginners and kids.
  • The machine has several different stitch options.
  • The versatile free arm is perfect for quilting.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It comes with Brother At your side support so that you will get free technical support throughout the life of your machine.


  • The machine comes with many stitch options, which may get confusing. 

Overall, Brother sewing machines are usually fantastic for beginners. The XM 2701 sewing machine is not different. Learning will be easy for your kid with the excellent instructional DVD that accompanies it. This is one of the best brother sewing machine you can get for your kid today! 

3. Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW

Brother Sewing Machine, CS5055PRW, Project Runway, 50...

The Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW sewing machine is easy to use and functional- exactly what kids need! While many products regarded as ‘best sewing machine for kids in the market today might be easy to use, many of them lack sewing functionality. This is an issue if you want your kid to actually learn to sew and not just play around with the machine.

However, the Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW strikes a balance. It comes with 50 built-in stitches, professional standard buttonholes, and a free arm for working on more advanced sewing projects. 

Notable Features

  • 50 built-in stitches
  • Automatic needle threading
  • Auto size buttonholes
  • Jam-proof drop-in bobbin
  • LCD Screen
  • It comes with Brother At Your Side support.
  • It weighs 10.14 Pounds
  • The machine’s dimension is 19.48 x 10.75 x 15.96 inches
  • Free arm

This machine is the whole deal! It also comes with accessories like specialty needles, several stitches, 6 special feet, and more. Precisely what your kids need to unleash their inner creativity. Now, let’s discuss the pros and cons.


  • It comes with a free helpful instruction manual.
  • 25 years limited warranty
  • The machine is easy to use.
  • It comes with a variety of starter needles.
  • It’s functional and durable.
  • Brother ‘At Your Side Support’ will provide you free technical support through your use of the machine.


  • Some users have complained about getting an E6 error message.

Overall, this machine balances easy usage and functionality. Some other sewing machines might be easier to use, but they won’t offer the same functionality level. 

So if what you’re looking for is a sewing machine to help your kid learn sewing and not just a plaything, the CS5055PRW is a beautiful choice.

4. Magicfly Mini, Dual Speed Portable Sewing Machine for Kids, Children, Beginner, Girl (Pink), Travel: with Extension Table, Light, & Sewing Kit

Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine for Beginner, Dual Speed...

This machine right here is an ideal gift for beginners and children. It is lightweight (weighing only 3.98 pounds), compact, and comes with threading direction to help you thread easily, even if you’ve never done it before.

It also comes with many other notable features in its portable body that makes it one of the best mini sewing machine you’ll find in the market. Let’s discuss these features. 

Notable Features

  • It supports both AC/DC power supply and wireless battery power supply.
  • Includes foot pedal
  • Double thread design
  • Sewing kit comes with 42 pcs sewing accessory
  • Dual speed control
  • It weighs 3.98 pounds
  • Dimension is 11.26 x 10.35 x 8.03 inches
  • Safety needle-guard

The notable features and the instruction manual make it easy for beginners and children to get started. According to reviews, all you need to do to learn how to use the sewing machine is read the instruction book.


  • Easy to turn on with either the foot pedal or the start button.
  • It comes with speed control to can change the speed from high to low or vice versa depending on your preference. 
  • It includes a standard sewing kit with 42 pcs accessories. 
  • The extension table ensures stability when you are working on a large project.
  • Two power operations.
  • It comes with a needle-guard to protect your little finger.
  • It’s lightweight, portable, and easy to carry.


  • There’s no reverse function.

Overall, beginners and children would enjoy doing little sewing projects with this machine. It’s one of the best sewing machine for kids.

5. Varmax Mini Sewing Machine with Extension Table

Varmax Sewing Machine with Extension Table Electric...

If you are looking for a budget-friendly sewing machine that doesn’t compromise on its features, then you should be looking in the way of the Varmax Mini Sewing Machine. It’s incredibly affordable but maintains its standard. The design is modern and will easily catch your child’s attention. 

Apart from the attractive design, other impeccable features make it the best sewing machine under 100 dollars you’ll find in the market.  

Notable Features 

  • The machine weighs 3.35 Pounds.
  • The dimension is 6.9 x 3.5 x 8.6 inches
  • It comes with a large extension table.
  • Double thread stitching
  • Dual speed control
  • Special cuff slot for sleeves and trousers
  • 1-year warranty
  • AC/DC and batteries power supply.

This machine’s versatility makes it very child friendly. The battery power option and lightweight mean your child can take it along anywhere and work on the go. 


  • Super affordable 
  • Lightweight and can be moved around easily.
  • It comes with an extension table for stability and comfort.
  • Dual speed control so you can switch between high and low speed based on your preference.
  • You can power it with either batteries or a cord.


  • No reverse function. 

This is a budget purchase, so stitch options are limited to one. However, it’s enough to teach your child how to sew. The lack of a reverse option, too, should not be a major problem. Overall, the minimal options would make the sewing process less overwhelming for your child, making it one of the best sewing machine for kids.

6. Janome 2212

Janome 2212 Front-Loading Sewing Machine with 12...

Apart from being very beginner-friendly, the Janome 2212 sewing machine is very functional. You can use it to sew and quilt multiple layers of fabric. A customer confirmed this in the reviews when they mentioned how they sewed up to 10 layers of heavyweight fabric with this machine without any issues. It comes with a drop feed, giving it a spot among the best sewing machine for free motion quilting and sewing. 

This implies that if your kids later decide to work on more advanced sewing projects, you wouldn’t have to buy another heavy-duty sewing machine. This would work just fine. 

Notable Features

  • It weighs 15.6 pounds
  • The dimension is 17 x 9 x 13.5 inches
  • Treadle powered
  • 12 built-in stitches
  • Made with metal material

It is more durable than a computerized one and would break down less as a mechanical sewing machine. It’s also very easy to use so your child won’t have problems working on some advanced sewing projects. This is why it’s on our list of best sewing machine for kids.


  • It is easy to use
  • The drop feed allows free motion quilting and sewing.
  • The Stitch length and width adjustment allow for easy usage.
  • It’s versatile and can handle most types of fabrics.


  • Some users have experienced issues with the tension.

Overall, judging from the ease-of-use, Janome 2212 is still the best mechanical sewing machine for children.  According to the reviews, many customers have made amazing things even the first day they got the machine.  

It can handle many fabrics, from cotton to vinyl and even brocade.


Michley LSS-505 Lil' Sew & Sew Multi-Purpose Sewing...

This is a moderately functional kids and beginners sewing machine that comes at a super affordable price. It works really well on lightweight fabrics. It may not be the best sewing machine for denim, but it would work on denim if you are careful and only do it occasionally. 

However, you should be wary of throwing heavier fabrics at it, so its functionality doesn’t drop. Now let’s have a look at some of its highlighting features.

Notable Features

  • It weighs 4.7 Pounds.
  • The dimension is 10.8 x 4.8 x 10.2 inches.
  • Double thread lockstitch
  • Dual speed settings (forward and reverse)
  • It comes with 8 built-in stitches.
  • You can rewind the thread automatically.

The features are more than fair for the price. However, just as we said earlier, it offers fairly limited functionality. 


  • Suitable for hemming and stitching light fabrics, e.g., cotton.
  • You can either control it by the foot pedal or the switch on the machine.
  • The instructional video on the machine is beneficial. 
  • The top drop-in magnetic bobbin allows easy bobbin threading.


  • Many users have complained of having problems with the tension setting.

While the machine’s lightweight and small size make it portable, it could also mean a lower durability level. However, the threading is effortless, one of the features you’d want in the best sewing machine for 10-year-old kids and younger.

8. Janome Fastlane Compact Sewing Machine for Kids

Janome Fastlane Fuschia Basic, Easy-to-Use, 10-Stitch...

The Janome Fastlane sewing machine is lightweight, portable, and compact just the way the best sewing machine for kids should be. It’s also safety conscious with the finger guard serving as one of the safety features to protect the little fingers.

Notable Features

  • It weighs 5 Pounds
  • The machine’s dimension is 10.5 x 5 x 9 inches
  • It comes with a free arm
  • 10 built-in stitches
  • Finger guard to protect the little fingers
  • Drop-in top bobbin
  • Threading diagrams to assist with set up.

The ten built-in stitches include crescent, zigzag, crescent, and straight stitches. With all the features it comes with, you and your child can perform multiple sewing projects like seaming, mending, making doll clothing, paper crafting, inserting zippers, and much more.  


  • It’s lightweight and compact, so it can be taken to classes or used in dorms.
  • It can be used with fabrics like cotton, lightweight denim, chiffon, knits, and flannel.
  • It comes with a 25-year limited warranty. 
  • It comes with an in-built accessory tray. 
  • The tension control is adjustable.
  • It comes with a 4-point feed dog system. 


  • Sometimes, the bobbin does not pick up.
  • The stitches are not of the best quality. 

The Janome Fastlane is one of the most functional and reasonably priced sewing machines for children in the market. It is portable and ideal for quick sewing and alterations.

9. Janome Easy-to-Use Kids Sewing Machine

Janome Pink Sorbet Easy-to-Use Sewing Machine with...

This machine comes with a 3-piece feed dog system so kids can easily pass their fabric through the machine. This is an excellent feature that improves kids’ sewing accuracy. That’s not all. It also comes with many other incredible features that gave it a spot on our list of best sewing machine for kids. Let’s discuss them. 

Notable Features

  • 15 built-in stitches
  • Machine weighs 12 Pounds
  • Dimension is 16 x 7 x 12 inches
  • Four presser feet, including one for general projects.
  • It comes with a quick start guide and tutorial videos
  • 25-year limited warranty.

The stitches were well built into the machine, making it excellent for decor, quilting, and a wide range of other sewing designs. Children can also create more sewing projects with the four presser feet options.  


  • Easy to use
  • 15 built-in stitches
  • The front-loading bobbin system is easy to use
  • 3-piece feed dog system
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • It comes with tutorial videos and a start guide for easy usage
  • The dial gives kids control over the stitches length and weight.
  • The inside frame is built with high quality metal materials.


  • There’s no thread cutter. You’ll have to do it yourself.

Overall, this is one of the best sewing machine under 200 dollars out there. Many users have left impressive reviews on how durable the machine is. This is largely because the inside frame was constructed with top-quality metal materials.

10. Varmax Sewing Machine with Sewing Kit, New Version

Mini Sewing Machine with 42PCS Sewing Kit, Foot Pedal,...

If you are looking for a super affordable, beginner-friendly sewing machine with only one straight stitch mode for you or your child to learn sewing, then you should consider this Varmax sewing machine. 

This mini sewing machine comes with a detailed operation manual in addition to the available Varmax tutorial videos. We recommend that you go through them before you start sewing. 

Notable Features

  • Adapter and foot controller
  • Accessories include a scissor, five needles, 32 bobbins, a thimble, a seam ripper, and a threader.
  • It comes with a detailed manual.
  • It weighs 3.26 pounds.
  • The dimension is 10.07 x 8.97 x 7 inches.
  • The product page highlights the kind of fabrics it can sew.

With this machine, you can sew shopping bags, aprons, table mats, pet clothes, etc.


  • You can easily access the Varmax original tutorial videos.
  • The adapter and foot controller makes mending fast and easy.
  • The machine comes with a detailed manual.
  • It is lightweight and compact.
  • It can sew a wide range of fabrics.


  • No reverse function

Overall, this sewing machine gives value for its price, and your child will enjoy using it. With all the reviews it has amassed, it definitely deserved a spot on our best sewing machine for kids list.

11. NEX Children Present Sewing Machine

NEX Sewing Machine, Crafting Mending Machine, Children...

This NEX sewing machine is useful for beginners and children who want to take the learning process slow. It comes with a pedal that allows the children to control their speed and sew according to their pace.  

Notable Features

  • It weighs 5 pounds
  • It comes with a light bulb to illuminate the working area.
  • 12 built-in stitches
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Tension control system.

This machine comes with an instruction manual. We recommend that you go through this manual and watch the tutorial on the website before you begin sewing.


  • It comes with 12 built-in stitches, which is more than enough for children to choose from.
  • It comes with a light bulb so kids can see when sewing under low lighting.
  • The thread tension is easy to adjust with a button. 
  • Speed settings is available
  • Lightweight, portable, and easy to carry.


  • Some users have complained that the bobbin can be prone to jamming.

Overall, with features like the 12 built-in stitches, children will be able to get more creative with their designs. They can also work on different projects like quilting, decor, crafting, etc.

12. Donyer Portable Mini Sewing Machine

DONYER POWER Electric Sewing Machine Portable Mini with...

The Donyer Portable Mini sewing machine is majorly designed to offer children sewing skills at an affordable price. It has many notable features packed in its compact size that make it one of the best kids’ sewing machines.

Notable Features

  • It weighs 7.63 pounds
  • In-built needle threader guide
  • Stitch length and width is adjustable
  • Free-arm
  • LED Light
  • Dual speed control options
  • 12 stitch option selector dial
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • It comes with a thread cutter
  • There’s an accessory storage area
  • The dimension is 12.3 x 11.7 x 5.7 inches

Before you use it, we recommend that you read the instruction manual. The machine offers both high and low speeds. The low rate will allow kids as little as five years old to sew. Children can either sew with their feet or hands with the foot and push-button control. 


  • It comes with double switch stitch control.
  • The speed option is suitable for kids of all ages.
  • It’s lighweight, portable and can be carried anywhere.
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • It doesn’t have the same power as the regular traditional machine. 

If you are interested in sewing professionally, and whatt you to want is a professional machine or the best sewing machine for advanced sewers, you’ll be disappointed if you get this low-priced model. It is specifically designed for children. 

The Donyer is meant to help kids learn to sew efficiently. Regarding young ones, this is one of the best sewing machine for kids on the market.

13. Sew Mighty Mini, Portable Sewing Machine – Perfect for Kids, Travel, Quick Repairs & Small Projects – Dual-Speed, Battery & AC Power, Foot Pedal Controller & More!

Sew Mighty Mini Sewing Machine for Kids, Beginners,...

The Sew Mighty Mighty Mini sewing machine is a dual-speed, user-friendly sewing machine. It comes packed with features suitable for kids and beginners. It’s super affordable and can handle all your home-based sewing projects effortlessly. 

Notable Features

  • It weighs 2.79 pounds.
  • The dimension is 10.5 x 9.5 x 6.4 inches
  • It comes with a built-in thread cutter.
  • It comes with a cuff notch. 
  • Two speed motor with foot pedal.
  • Bobbin rewinder.
  • In-built work light
  • It comes with top and bottom bobbins.

Sew Mighty’s Mini sewing machine is incredible for minor amendments and small sewing projects.


  • It’s small size, lightweight design makes it easy to travel with.
  • It comes with a cuff notch for comfortable sleeves and cuff repair.
  • Children will find the controls easy to use. 


  • Some users have complained that it’s challenging to thread due to the tension.

Overall, the Sew Mighty Mighty Mini sewing machine is perfect for introducing kids to the sewing, crafting, and quilting world. It’s also a fantastic gift idea.

14. Cool Maker, Sew Cool Sewing Machine for Kids 6 Aged and up, with 5 Trendy Projects and Fabric

Cool Maker, Sew Cool Sewing Machine with 5 Trendy...

The Cool Maker Sew Cool Sewing Machine is one of the best sewing machine for kids aged 6 and above. One amazing thing about this product is it allows children to get creative. It’s a great way to introduce your child to the world of sewing. 

Notable Features

  • It comes with 5 trendy stuffing and pre-cut projects.
  • It comes with printed markings that show you what direction to sew in, where to start and stop, and where to spot stitch and fold. 
  • It weighs 2.4 pounds.
  • Dimension is 5 x 8.5 x 8.75 inches
  • It is recommended for children 8 to 10 years old.
  • It also comes with one playbook. 

The machine comes with easy instructions and printed sewing guides. Follow them to make your sewing projects more comfortable. 


  • The machine is designed with children’s safety in mind. It’s made to be used without needles, thread, bobbins, and foot pedals.
  • It comes with 5 cute pre-cut projects. 
  • It is very lightweight and easy to carry around.


  • It requires 4 AA batteries, which are not included in the kit.

Buying Guide – What Features Determine the Best Sewing Machine for Kids? 

The best sewing machine for kids should also have some of the features you’ll find in an adult sewing machine. It should be sturdy, easy to use, and well built. 

Some of the critical areas to look out for are:


Kids will always be kids. They can break even the strongest equipment. Therefore, having a warranty as a protective net is a wise choice. 

The Feet

The presser feet either comes attached with a screw or it snaps on. While choosing a sewing machine for your kid, you should select one with presser feet that attach with a screw. Why? 

This feet stays in place when attached with a screw. This ensures safe usage for the child. Many kids have ended up sewing through their fingers or clothing due to the snap-off feet. The attached feet prevents that. 


The child’s age and size should play the primary determinant when deciding on the machine’s weight. Dropping a 16-pound device on their foot will cause more significant damage than dropping a 4-pound sewing machine. Therefore, a lighter machine is safer. 

Foot Pedal

Younger kids may find it challenging to sew with a standard foot pedal. In this case, you should go for a push-button model that offers a stable stitch speed. 


A push-button sewing machine model should come with consistent speed. This enables sewing to be done with precision and will not take out of the control lost when not using a foot pedal. 

Features like speed control are also essential. Being able to switch from high to low speed will help children to sew at their own speed. 

Overall, when you are in the market for the best sewing machine for kids, you should prioritize safety features, quality, and durability. You should look out for safety features like finger guards. If the machine doesn’t come with one, you can find in a craft store or online.  

What Benefits Come With a Child Learning To Sew?

With the way technology has bombarded the world, sewing is one way children can be creative and expand their minds while using their hands. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride. Most children will love to express themselves while creating their own crafts. 

If you are looking to boost your child’s confidence and independence, sewing is one sure way. You can even help them make new friends and socialize by organizing sewing groups. 

How Much Should You Spend on Kid’s Sewing Machine?

Children’s sewing machines are designed to be simple and easy to use, without all the complexities of an adults’ sewing machine. Therefore, they usually cost much lesser. However, the cheapest is not always the best. The goal is quality and durability. 

If you are on a tight budget, you can find a suitable machine for as low as $50 that can work correctly for a few years. You can also find a super basic model from known brands like Brother or Singer. You can take advantage of the times a sale is going on. 

If you have the budget, a sewing machine in the $80-$120 price range is preferable. Known brands have quality machines within this range that come with additional features like automatic threaders.  

If your child is new to sewing, you don’t need to spend more than $150 on a sewing machine. You may have to spend more money on an upgrade later after the child has advanced but while starting, stick with a basic, durable sewing machine.

6 Ways You Can Improve Your Child’s Sewing Skills

1. Select Projects Based on Their Abilities

Children should find sewing fun. So avoid choosing projects that are above your child’s abilities or too rigid. Examples of projects you can choose based on their ages are:

  • Children between ages 2-4: lacing through beads with yarn or shoelaces.  
  • Children between ages 5-9: Basic stitch practice with fabric and needles.
  • Children between ages 10-13: Beginner-level projects like pillows, tote bags, etc.
  • Children that are 13 years and above: Basic tailoring techniques like making amendments and alterations. They can then progress to more complex sewing projects like garment making. 

2. Guide Them One Step at a Time

You can overwhelm your child if you cover too many details within a short period. It’ll be difficult for them to retain important information. Complete sewing projects for younger children within an hour or two, while older children may do it faster. 

For little children you can use photographs or checkboxes to indicate progress. 

3. Focus on Their Interests

Playing off their interests will continuously keep them interested. Create fun projects you know your little child will love and let them choose their supplies. Working with their favorite colour, fun textiles, or fabrics with their favorite characters will further motivate them. 

4. Turn Mistakes Into Opportunites to Learn

Mistakes are inevitable. Your kids will definitely make mistakes when learning to sew. When this happens, take some time to talk about what caused the error. Understanding what led to the mistake can help avoid a reoccurrence. 

5. Take Advantage of Books

Books are great resources that will help older children with inspiration and instructions. Older children who have some experience and want to work more independently will find them helpful. Take advantage of the best sewing books for beginners and help your older kids learn. 

6. Give Your Child Creative Space

Let them dream, come up with ideas, and create them. When you encourage them to tap into their creativity, you give them the freedom to express themselves and try new things without fear.  

Remember that the end goal is to create lessons that will ultimately build your child’s skills over time.

Four Sewing Safety Tips for Kids

  • Make sure the pressure foot is down before you begin sewing.
  • Don’t operate your sewing machine with slippers or barefoot if it has a foot pedal.
  • Before you start to cut the fabric, check to see if there’s anything underneath it. 
  • After sewing, put the needle down with the hand wheel, put the pressure foot down, turn off the machine, and cover it up. 

How Young Can A Child Start to Sew?

Some children start to sew as early as three years old. Even though they are not the best seamstress at that stage, they are already exploring their creativity and building confidence. It will be easier for them to advance to more difficult projects as they grow older. They can also use some of the best sewing books for beginners to build their skills early. 

FAQs – Best Sewing Machine for Kids

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Sewing Machine for Kids

When looking for the best sewing machine for kids, all the sewing machines in this review are great options. Your decision should depend on the purpose of the machine and your desired functionality.

You don’t need to overwhelm your kid by getting an advanced sewing machine with over 100 stitches, embroidery function, and the likes. Since your child is still learning to sew, he or she will find a simple machine with only the basic functions more comfortable to use.

Also, look out for convenient features like an automatic needle threader, how easy it will be for your child to use the foot pedal and load bobbins into the machine. The more convenient it is to use the machine, the more your child’s learning process will speed up.  

We love that you are introducing your child into the world of sewing and helping them harness their creativity. We hope our list of the best sewing machine for kids was helpful. Share this post with other people that would benefit from them. 

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