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Why Skinnyfatties?

Back in 2015, Skinnyfatties (now AirTailor), came up with an awesome business idea. Using their expertise in tailoring (sewing), they turned Fat Ties that were slowly going out of fashion into thinner, skinny ties that were coming into fashion. The business took off, and orders came in from all over the world. Today, the service still exists under the Air Tailor brand.

I have repurposed the sewing related, tie shrinking website into an informative sewing blog that covers various aspects of the hobby I enjoy so much. My Skinnyfatties has sewing machine reviews, information about sewing for beginners and experts, and helpful information about monogramming, quilting, embroidery, and so much more.

Who Am I?

My name is Charity, and my friends all call me Charee. I am the founder and Editor-in-Chief.

Ever since I was little, I have loved sewing. Both my grandmother and mother used to sew, I used to watch them, and as I grew older, they taught me the basics. I still remember the basics and can now share sewing for beginners on my blog.

Sewing and making my own clothes, or often just repairing my clothes and repairing clothes for my friends, became part of me. Starting out by hand, the best place to learn, I moved up to using a machine, and I soon began to take further interest in machines.

My own curiosity drove me to find out about different machines, what they were used for, and what made one particular machine better than another.  My sewing life now compliments my working life, and my blog has come alive.

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What Makes Skinnyfatties Different?

There are plenty of other sewing websites out there, but I wanted and want Skinnyfatties to be different. To make Skinnyfatties different, it needs to be real, and for this reason, the platform has a wide range of resources that cover as many areas of sewing as possible.

Sewing is so much more than just stitching fabric together, and thus Skinnyfatties has blogs and features about different types of sewing.  If you can sew but want to know how to embroider or quilt, I have sourced the experts to tell you all about it. From tips and tricks to how to get started, Skinny Fatties covers it all. I don’t just assume that you know how and thus, I have started at the beginning. But I also delve deeper.

How Does Skinnyfatties Do Things Better?

At Skinnyfatties, we do not want the same old information on sewing and sewing machines. We want up to date, relevant and real information that passionate sewers from beginners to advanced sewers find useful. For this reason, we publish reviews, blogs, articles, and videos from real sewers about real sewing matters.

We work closely with sewing reviewers and enthusiasts alike and present real reviews. We focus on the things that matter, using experts and general sewers, embroiders, quilters, and monogrammers passionate about their craft.

The Best Product Reviews and Comparisons

Product reviews and comparisons are where Skinnyfatties excels. Our growing team of contributors takes a no-nonsense approach to product comparisons and reviews. They take a closer than average look at the craft accessories and sewing accessories on the market detailing the pros, cons, and things others do not tell you.

We use real people using real craft and sewing accessories and machines in ways you can relate to for both more experienced adults and children wanting to learn. At Skinny Fatties, we appreciate our audience is very diverse.

Sewing, Embroidery, Quilting… Yep!

Looking to take a peek at the craft of sewing? Or already started and need help to take it to the next level? You’re in the right place.

How Does Skinnyfatties Make Money?

The original Skinnyfatties was a paid-for service and was, still is, tremendously successful.  The new Skinnyfatties makes a small income in various ways. Any income is used to keep the blog and site up-to-date, current, and informative for you.

Income is generated by paid-for reviews and general advertising from carefully vetted people and organizations. There are paid-for promotions and competitions exclusive to the website, and then, of course, there is the opportunity for companies to reach our audience on our regular newsletter – sign up here –  where we dig a little deeper and provide exclusive offers to our readers.

How Can You Support Us?

At Skinnyfatties, we are always looking for contributors. Whether you have some useful tips and tricks that can help other sewing enthusiasts or even you just have an interesting story, our editorial team would love to hear from you.  If you have purchased a new sewing machine or craft accessory and want to provide an honest review, we would love you to share your experience with us.

Skinnyfatties is about real sewing from real enthusiasts from 8 to 80. We all have stories to tell, we all have lessons to teach and learn, and we can all help each other and create a valuable archive of valuable information.  As my passion for sewing has grown, I have found information and advice from others extremely useful Skinny Fatties is very much an extension of that for me. Between us, we can grow Skinnyfatties and gain even more joy out of a hobby and craft we all love.

Happy Sewing!

How to Get in Touch?

At Skinnyfatties, we love to hear from anyone who loves to sew or work in the sewing industry, whether with machines or even fabric. We are easy to contact, and we respond to every inquiry.

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