Choosing The Right Tie Knot

You have anticipated this moment since you clicked “Submit Order.” Your newly slimmed down tie has arrived. Your slacks are cleaned and your shirt pressed. Before securing your watch and your favorite handkerchief, you must knot that masterpiece of a tie.

Are you ready to tie the knot?

Maybe you would be if you knew how! Rather than rummaging through pages of Google results, let us suggest a few popular entanglements:

Thick, proud, and professional, meet the Double Windsor.

Or view this Double Windsor Knot tutorial by our friend Jake Kuczeruk over at Tie Society.

A unique, eye-catching woven knot that will show off your newly tailored treasure.

The third time is the charm! The Trinity Knot creates a circular, tripartite tour de force.

Do you remember the Magic Eye books? Well if you’re looking for an optical illusion, give this knot a night on the town.

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