• Beat The Heat With These 5 Summer Style Tips
Beat The Heat With These 5 Summer Style Tips

Dressing up in the summer isn’t easy. It’s a constant battle between staying stylish and keeping cool. We’ve compiled five summer styling tips that will turn heads ‘cuz you’ll be cool as a cucumber :)

1)  Who says ties don’t belong on short sleeved shirts?

Hey, that short sleeved shirt has a collar, right? Why not sling a tailored tie around it and get your groove on? Show off those arms! Plus, no one wants to see you try to look stylish while dying of heat exhaustion, especially on these 90 degree days.

2) Instead of rolling up long sleeves, fold them.

An alternative to short sleeved shirts is to simply fold your long sleeves up. Read that statement again, though – I said fold, not roll. Folding gives you a crisp, clean look. Simply use the cuff as a guideline, folding it over once or twice. When it’s really hot, undo the button on the sleeve placket and fold it up past your elbow. Voilà!

3) Wear lighter fabrics and lighter colors.

You don’t have to be stuck wearing unbreathable shirts and suits to look dapper in warmer weather. There are great lightweight shirt and suit fabrics, such as linen and chambray, that will help you deal with the heat. In the summer, tan, light grey and light blue are great colors for suits. They will absorb less heat than the usual darker gray, deep blue and black suits.

4) Light colors and fabrics also applies to ties!

If you’re wearing a lighter weight suit and shirt, you want your tie to match the look. So instead of a silk or wool tie, consider a tie with a lighter fabric, like cotton or linen.

For a more detailed breakdown, check out this article from Articles of Style.

5) Wear a tie clip/bar.

Chances are you’ll take off your jacket in order to beat the heat. Without your jacket to keep your tie in place, you need a tie bar or tie clip to do the job. Our buddies at The Tie Bar have tons of styles that are both stylish and reasonably priced.

This look for a GQ cover shoot featuring Jake Gyllenhaal is a great example of our last three tips. He's wearing a chambray shirt, a tan suit and a knit tie with a tie clip.

Follow these tips and not only will you look cool, you’ll feel cool while wearing a tie this summer. Cue the summer jams!

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