• Customer Case Study: Politics Commentator & Father, Anthony Weiner
Customer Case Study: Politics Commentator & Father, Anthony Weiner
You can see his name in print occasionally discussing politics for New York Daily News and Business Insider, or on TV for NY1 News and Real Time with Bill Maher as a “talking head.” He could arguably be described as a media and politics commentator, but SKINNYFATTIES customer Anthony Weiner also describes himself as a father to four year old son, Jordan.

Although he didn’t specify which one, Anthony discovered our Tie Slimming Service through a “magazine for hip guys." SKINNYFATTIES has been a hit with the press, so he may have meant  DETAILS Magazine or Men’s Journal.

Anthony Weiner (Photo: Getty)

Whether for a television appearance or a family photo, Anthony needs a tie that best suits his body. Being somewhat slim, he prefers "the contemporary slim cuts of today’s suits as well as the slim cuts of the 60’s" – a classic style that fits perfectly with his newly tailored 3" neckties.

When asked about his personal and professional style, his philosophy is “fashion should be comfortable while whispering, not yelling, about your personality.” That said, his favorite ties "bring some color to grey days".

Follow Anthony Weiner on Twitter at @anthonyweiner

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