• Beyond Just Reusing Your Ties
  • Joshua Adam Brueckner
Beyond Just Reusing Your Ties

SKINNYFATTIES is a fan of sustainability. To put it simply: instead of throwing wide neckties out, we slim them down, reducing the amount of wearable textiles that end up in landfills each year. But what do we do with the scraps from the alteration process?

We donate two pounds of tie scraps per week to textile recycling

After searching high and low, we’ve finally found a recycling program for the scraps as innovative as our Tie Slimming Service. SKINNYFATTIES participates in Long Live Fashion, H&M’s garment and textile collecting program.

Since we are contributing scraps of fabric and thread (not clothes), the materials will be used as part of new fabrics, cleaning cloths, and damping/insulating materials for the auto industry. If there are items that can’t be repurposed, the scraps are used to produce energy. Also, for every 2.2 pounds (1 kilo) of material contributed, the program donates .03 cents to a local charity organization. 

Read more about the Long Live Fashion program here, and upcycle your old neckties here.

  • Joshua Adam Brueckner

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