• Customer Case Study: Manhattan Attorney, Robert Spielman
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Customer Case Study: Manhattan Attorney, Robert Spielman

We had the pleasure of interviewing one of our favorite customers, Mr. Robert Spielman, a Manhattan attorney that jokingly admits “at parties I like to make up fantasy jobs to keep people from asking for free legal advice. This month, I'm a bowling ball repairman.”

Robert placed his first order with us in April 2015, “I came across SKINNYFATTIES through a Google search for how to slim neckties. Once I realized there was a service that could do this for me, I was really relieved because I was worried I'd mess up some really nice ties if I did it on my own.”

Robert standing tall at Whitney Museum opening night

Regarding his desired tie width, he mentioned going with “2.75" to 3" for thicker ties with a more substantial feel, but 2.5" for knit ties or more low-key casual ones that I might wear out in the evening.” We were happy to answer the call and slimmed that tie down from over 4” to 3”.

We asked Robert what style in the workplace means to him. He said, “Well, I work with a number of law firms and the generally prevailing style is low-fuss business casual or really dry boring suits when making court appearances or meeting with clients. When it comes to fashion, most lawyers tend to dress in a rather conservative and nondescript way. Since law firms frown on anything too fashion forward or hipster, I prefer to style it up a bit with subtle touches like colored shoe laces, swept collars, elegant neckties (even though ties aren't required usually at the office), snazzy dress socks, and subtle but cool tie clips. I like to think that office attire can be professional, clean cut and hip/fun at the same time.”

Robert (middle) with friends at wedding

When asked to describe his favorite tie, he said he doesn’t have one. “I have many ties and I love them all. Though I generally tend to prefer ties with geometric patterns or elegant embroidered patterns. I also like subtly colored ties that are immediately noticeable without being frivolous or blaring.”

“I took a bigger step and sent four of my favorite ties to slim and they all came back perfect. Now I can wear them dressed up in my formal suits, which have narrow lapels. Thanks for your great work!”, said Robert.

For a better sense of Robert’s style, follow him on Instagram at @robspielman.

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