• Happy Earth Day from SKINNYFATTIES
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Happy Earth Day from SKINNYFATTIES

As you know, we're the world's first and only online necktie slimming service. Not only has our unique service saved our customers a total of over $400,000 in new neckwear, we've done our part to help keep the Earth clean. See, instead of our customers buying new ties, our service allows our customers to upcycle their existing neckties. This means that our customers are producing less waste on this beautiful green Earth. 

Happy Earth Day from the SKINNYFATTIES Team!

We also ship domestically using the most eco-friendly carrier possible: FedEx! They're taking big steps to help reduce its carbon footprint and protect the environment — like having lower emission planes, electric trucks and carbon-neutral envelope shipping. 

We rely on the world's most eco-friendly carrier to ship our customers ties back

Today we celebrate our achievements in providing three years of our innovative and eco-friendly necktie slimming service. Join us in the celebration by having your ties slimmed down today!

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  • Air Tailor Team

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