• Let me get one thing straight: we're not "hipster-riffic"
  • Joshua Adam Brueckner
Let me get one thing straight: we're not "hipster-riffic"

When I first began SKINNYFATTIES, I thought our service would resonate most with young, hip dudes that have old secondhand shop ties they wanted to slim down to a skinny 2". As the company progressed, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the majority of our customers were/are affluent men ages 26-60 years old that have designer neckties ranging from $100 to $500. Our customers mostly have us tailor their ties down to 2.75" or 3".

That said, we get a lot of slack for hating fat ties and pushing skinny ties, and that we have some sort of interest in promoting the hipster lifestyle. As a matter of fact, yesterday CNET wrote a piece on SKINNYFATTIES titled Hipster-riffic Skinnyfatties service slims down your chunky neckties. I get it, it's a headline and they want to grab attention. I am so grateful that the press is so receptive to our unique and innovative service, but I fear our hipster connotation is sending the wrong message, so I'm here to set it straight.

We love all sizes of ties. But you know what we love even more? Our customers and their unique body types. SKINNYFATTIES celebrates our customers and is focused on eliminating this idea in neckwear that ties are one-size-fits-all. They are not. I'm 6'1" and 140 lbs – a 4" tie does not belong on my freakishly lanky body.

See, I look ridiculous in a 4" tie
See, I look ridiculous in a 4" tie

My customer Robert Wrenley is 5'9" and 165 lbs, a 2" tie does not belong on him, and neither does a 4" tie, so he ships us his ties to be slimmed down to 3".

If you think SKINNYFATTIES is some novelty hipster company that will only be around for twenty days or until fat ties are back in, you're wrong. Our expert hand-tailors alter ties to match your body, not the latest trend. We're here to disrupt the neckwear industry, not promote skinny ties. And we're doing a hell of a good job.

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  • Joshua Adam Brueckner

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