• We just got better
  • Joshua Adam Brueckner
We just got better

Three years ago, I started SKINNYFATTIES with one basic concept: slim neckties down. I first sold slimmed down vintage ties at my local Brooklyn flea market and on the side of the street in my neighborhood (#hustle). Curious shoppers walked by and said, "Wow, cool! I would love this as a service for my own ties!". So I set up the site and did just that. People and press outlets all over the world loved the idea. As a matter of fact, we've tailored about 4,000 ties for over 800 customers in 12 counties. With our growing popularity, I began transitioning the business into a necktie brand selling original designs. We continued to tailor ties and the service has always been the breadwinner, but it went on the back burner as I dabbled with our own lines of ties. I came to the realization that selling original designs is both tough and requires capital, expertise and manufacturing research (and patience). And believe me, my staff and I know how to make a good tie, but it feels next to impossible to scale our quality. We've worked hard to earn our stamp of craftsmanship, and we never want to lose it.

That said, I had to take a step back and be honest with myself as I reevaluate the vision of SKINNYFATTIES. It was a long and fascinating journey of self-exploration (journey being about two years, and self being my company). I decided to go back to square one and recommit our efforts on the tie slimming service. I started by evaluating what the customers are saying. I then looked at how we could lower the price, while enhancing the service. Why? Because lowering the prices = reaching a younger demographic = serving more people. It's a win win. 

Take a look at the big changes we've made here at SKINNYFATTIES:

Quicker service
Our turnaround time used to be 10 business days, now it's only 5.

Added more tie widths to choose from
In addition to 2", 2.25", 2.5", 2.75", 3", we now tailor to 3.25" & 3.5".

Sew original labels back on in the original spot
No more SKINNYFATTIES labels unless you need one.

Significantly lowered prices
We lowered our prices from $34 to $30 and even more for bulk orders – that's over 10%!

We now accept Bitcoin (what is Bitcoin?)
This up-and-coming internet currency is now accepted on our shop.

Enhanced the unboxing experience
Receiving and opening your SKINNYFATTIES package is more exciting than ever before.

Getting your ties back
Forget USPS, we're now using wynd. For our customers in NYC, try out our same-day messenger service!

Make money for spreading the word
We set up an affiliate program allowing our customers to earn money (cash, not store credit) for bringing us business. Learn more

Have more suggestions on how we can improve our service? Email us at hello@skinnyfatties.com

  • Joshua Adam Brueckner

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