• Fashion Faux Pas: Teetering Toward Trends Over Artfully Adorned Attire
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Fashion Faux Pas: Teetering Toward Trends Over Artfully Adorned Attire

Many browse the internet racks based off current trends, as opposed to careful consideration of what wardrobe works for them. Beyond the world of fashion, most hair stylists recognize the importance of crafting a new do and even its hue to match you, and we all know that it can be an utter disaster to try and make yourself into something that you are not. Put another way, an individual with a slender face and shoulders can complement their build based on how their hair is worn. Ditch the trends and get personal. Trends aren’t personal. The exact same concept carries over when we discuss custom tailoring neckties.

You are fit, motivated and well-groomed. You need a tie that fits your physique. You may have heard quotes like “Context is Everything” or “Location, Location, Location!” These truths have stood the test of time because there are other facets that contribute to a successful piece or business than the piece or business itself. Are you considering the context in which the tie is being placed? For example, are you matching your frame and the attire’s occasion with your wardrobe or are you foolishly looking out of place as you try to keep up with what you see on TMZ? Here are a few simple questions to help guide you:

• Are you wearing your tie with a suit or blazer? 
• If so, what style is the suit?
• What width are the suit’s lapels?
• Is the occasion business or casual?
• How wide are your shoulders?
• Are you still thinking you’ll simply stick to the “hottest trends”? If so, reread this short article again and again from start to finish!

Trends come and go. Let them go. In the meantime, discover who you are and what works for you. Ditching the trends and taking ownership of your personalized style is a process that we believe in. That's why we have taken the time to create this infographic and step by step questionnaire.

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